Reply To: Undead Legions are still too overpowered.

Avatar photoMike

You can say that is what game about etc, and its the way.. It is simply unacceptable

For you. And that hardly makes it objectively true.

It’s the N-th time that I see a topic which says the exact same thing, and that thing can be boiled down to “the game doesn’t play the way that I would like it to, so that means it’s wrong and you should change it so that I enjoy it more”.
Well sorry but it doesn’t work that way – at least not with BB, thankfuly.

I understand what’s going on – as the years passed the games gradually evolved to accomodate as wide a range of players as possible in order to increase their sales. It makes perfect sense, after all most of them are created in order to turn in profit for their creators. Unfortunately the easiest way of making games more accessible means, well – making them easy. Nothing wrong with that either, with various difficulty settings everyone can have their cake – most of the time. Younger players don’t even remember it being any other way and therefore take it for granted. Perfectly understandable.

What IS wrong with the whole ordeal is that people grow so used to the “anyone can win anything – you just have to grind more exp or lower the difficulty setting” design that they refuse to accept a different approach as anything but a design flaw. And then they throw a tantrum. It is not a design flaw, it is the design philosophy behind the title.

I am perfectly OK with casual gamers wanting their easy fun and a guaranteed “100% completion” “achievement”, I just wished they stopped forcing their views down everyone’s throat, especially when it comes to indie titles not necesarily meant to fully cater to their taste.