Reply To: tips for getting good range skill recruits

Avatar photoNite

poacher=bowyer=witchhunter (+5 range skill) < deserter (+10, but lower resolve) < hunter (+10) <=sellsword (+10 and some other bonuses) as i know. But there is some base stat range, so it’s common to get poacher better then hunter sometimes etc. So Try get 55+ base skill with 1-2 stars at least, or 50+ with 3 stars. In average 1 star means ~5 points at level 11, so 60 skill with 0 stars is equal to 55 skill with 1 or 50 with 2.
At start you can try poachers – they are pretty cheap and bonus is good enough. Anyway, i think you need crosbows until you reach ~75 skill to use quickshots with near the same accuracy, so archers are better to pick up in midgame, when you can equip them with basic xbows and then with warbows.