Reply To: Undead Legions are still too overpowered.

Avatar photoWargasm

I see what you did wrong. You failed (a) to loot some magical pieces of armour that provide base protection equivalent to that of a full helm and a coat of scales while imposing a meagre fatigue cost equivalent to that of a gritty low-medieval basic nasal helm and worn mail shirt (while also REGENERATING themselves EVERY TURN by the protection value of the latter pieces), so that you can still be 60% nimble (not that nimble really matters with all that armour, melee defence and magical underdog ability to simultaneously dodge attacks from every angle). You also failed (b) to use your magical equipment to single-handedly massacre horde upon horde all the way up to level 39, each time increasing melee skill, defence skills and fatigue while leaving hit points and resolve at fragile/mediocre values (after all, it doesn’t matter if you piss your magical pants and flee upon being engaged by the undead hordes or spooked by the priest, because your melee defence is so high that you’ll easily get away anyway, and you can return after your eventual rally and slaughter 3-6 of them in a single turn to trigger several positive morale checks and restore morale to steady or confident). It also doesn’t matter about miasma eating away at your hit points, because you can arrogantly walk away from melee whenever you wish, without getting hit, and even the odd freak 5% hit will impose only the faintest scratch upon your armour (probably halved by nimble, and in any case fully negated by the armour’s magical regenerating ability).