Reply To: Lindwurm and retreat

Avatar photokem

So, while you are AT making BB Great Again, here are some bug reports for you gyus:

1) It seems that lindwurm cannot reatreat sometimes, as its tail becomes stuck at the field.
2) Sometimes combination of taunt+vampire (possible kill of the taunter) leads to vampire being stuck. (Possible forsed to teleport to taunter, wich has been killed (by vampire and/or bleeding)
3) Possible: AOE attacks on linwurm (Head and tail) does not register as separate damage application instances. (no damage report in the log for hitting a second body part, and vusually it seems that damage as from 1 hit, not 2). Application of damage to the weapon is as for 2 hits.
4) Killing blows does not show damage in damage log (its harly a feature, come on)
5) Leave the town, while game is paused, spam roaming hostile party some distance away, unpause game -> instant teleport and start of the battle.