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it’s clearly a renaissance design and would only exist in the 16th century which is 200-300 years later.

Feel the same here. But guess the coming dlc have changed the theme, for example the fencing sword. But anyway, the vanilla game also have something maybe not very pre-renaissance, such as the hat those greatsword soldiers from noble house are wearing, and the hat for witch hunters.

Yes, you’re right. There’s also units in the game named Landsknecht and Zweihander IIRC (could be wrong, might be getting confused with another game.)

Fencing swords I agree with too, but arguably finger rings on swords did exist even as early Viking era swords and is minorly plausible in 13th/14th century, but it’s still mostly out of time frame. I guess it kinda makes sense to be a rare weapon.

Incidentally, here’s a more plausible look for a 13th/14th century two handed sword. The old model actually looks much more similar to it than the new one.