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But are we getting plate armors? Sallets helmets? If we’re getting all of that then it’s fine. But right now a greatsword like that would be an elephant in the room, that’s what I’m saying, since stylistically everything else seems to be based around 1300, which is the period that can be called late high medieval or early late medieval.

And why not add some early firearms like hand cannons? Of course 1500s firearms would probably be far too advanced and revolutionary to be in this game, but maybe some earlier forms of firearms. They were used as early as early 1300s.

I know “medieval” is just a term, but I’m talking about the time period, the semantics and terminology is not important. For example, Civil War Era is also a term that is bestowed now, but that doesn’t change that fact that if I put an AK in a Civil War Confederate soldier’s hands, it would look very very out of place. And that’s really only about 80 years into the future, far less than the time difference between a greatsword like that and everything else in the game.