Reply To: About the new DLC

Avatar photoForceEcho

Firstly, the topic of additional faces has been discussed before and we have been told that it is not
something the team is focusing on but maybe if there is time there will be a few new faces.

The topic of battle sisters has been discussed to death, there is no plan to have them. That’s it.
Don’t come to a forum as a new member and call people “misogynists” because they don’t share your opinion.
This constant “Gynephilia” in gaming, I call it – is a spill over from the modern social/cultural war the western
world is going through. It has no place in “Battle Brothers” and if you don’t like that well tough luck.

It’s extremely likely there will be new banners.

The map is bigger but no news on additional cities. The release date will be announced probably when they have a reasonable
idea when the game will be ready – which is not yet.

"A plethora of peasents"