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    Hello there,

    I’d like to know a little more about your upcoming DLC. I know that you’re already talking about it every Friday on your blog but in case you’re still able to add some new features I’d like to make sure I’ll see them in the new DLC.

    Concerning the new enemies. That’s perfect, and even if I would have preferred not to spoil myself and know who will be our enemies, it’s great to see that there will be a new kind of fierce enemies.

    I would like to know if you’re about to add new battle brothers’ faces for more diversity. I know that we already have a lot of different faces but I was thinking it would be good to see new faces. Sadly, I know that some misogynists are against the fact you add battle sisters, but as you already created them (at least I saw a drawing of battle sisters on your blog) it would be a waste not to add them. If some people don’t want them, just add a menu features at the beginning of the party, similar to the one you offer to show late crisis, and ask if you wish to add or not, battle sisters.

    Secondly, I’d like to know if you are planning to add new flag/banners for our Battle Brothers. You were talking about adding more colour customization on the armour of our mercenaries so it would be great to become able to add a new emblem. Even add the possibility to create one in the next menu after our company name.

    I suppose the map will be bigger than before, do you plan to add more cities or additional clan?

    Last question, when will be the release date?

    I might have additional questions soon.

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    Firstly, the topic of additional faces has been discussed before and we have been told that it is not
    something the team is focusing on but maybe if there is time there will be a few new faces.

    The topic of battle sisters has been discussed to death, there is no plan to have them. That’s it.
    Don’t come to a forum as a new member and call people “misogynists” because they don’t share your opinion.
    This constant “Gynephilia” in gaming, I call it – is a spill over from the modern social/cultural war the western
    world is going through. It has no place in “Battle Brothers” and if you don’t like that well tough luck.

    It’s extremely likely there will be new banners.

    The map is bigger but no news on additional cities. The release date will be announced probably when they have a reasonable
    idea when the game will be ready – which is not yet.

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    Avatar photoEdenGenesis

    ForceEcho, thank you for your reply.

    I just want to let you know that I’m not a new member of this forum at all. I might have been away for a while but I was here from the very beginning. I am more active on twitter as it was an effective way to get in touch with the developers.

    I could not understand why the battle sisters could not be part of the game, even if we had the ability to choose to add or remove them as an option in the game, the same way we can decide what will be the late game crisis. If these characters were not already created, I would understand why they wouldn’t add them but as these characters are already designed. I was wondering what may be the reason not to include them? I’m not a girl but from what I know, some women were great fighters ( and I’m certain they could have been part of mercenary companies.

    Please list me topics talking about female mercenaries as the only one I found did not give any reasons except a big « No » for adding battle sisters and that lack of explanation was suspicious for me. It sounded like people did not want to add women for misogynist reasons.

    If there are technical reasons for not adding them, I would say sorry for my misunderstanding. But since battle sisters were intended to be part of the game since the beginning, I’m just curious about what made the developers change their mind.

    Are there any topics listing both, what are the members ideas that will be abandoned by the developers and the one that the developers decided to add in their upcoming DLC.

    By the way, it could be great if they could sell a brand new Art Book with the updated content from their new DLCs (including the free one).

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    Avatar photoForceEcho

    You aren’t owed an explanation. Your delusions are your own to deal with.

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    Avatar photoJCSato

    Hi EdenGenesis.

    Paul discussed this in March of last year.

    If that link doesn’t work, here’s a direct quote:

    We had a lot of internal discussion on that. We still think it would add a lot to the game, but as you all know we are working on a very tight schedule. Apart from graphical assets and audio recordings we have a problem with all the quest and event texts in the game. Most of them are randomly generated and refer to certain persons of your party. If we had female mercs we would have to go through all of the text (more than 200 000 words) and assure that everything works for male and female persons and provide different variations of the same text for each gender.
    Thats a lot of work we cant spend right now unfortunately.

    Additionally, to your point of “If these characters were not already created, I would understand why they wouldn’t add them but as these characters are already designed.”, to my knowledge all they’ve developed is a proof of concept face + hair for Battle Sisters. There are several (10-ish? Not sure the exact count) faces, hairs, and facial hairs for each of the male brothers. Additionally, the FAQ on this website (though it seems to be down now. . .?) mentions that female mercenaries would also have their own backgrounds.

    Those things added together means that they’d have to do substantial asset development, as well as substantial writing (the work mentioned above, as well as background descriptions and events for those backgrounds) in order to reach feature parity. As such, I would disagree with the assertion that they’re “already designed”. :)

    A couple other quick notes:
    – The best place(s) for feature listings for the upcoming DLC, in my experience, are this devblog + the DLC announcement for added features, and the OverhypeStudios twitter account for abandoned features (primarily in their responses – there aren’t too many to glance through).
    – If you’re interested, I think a couple different people have attempted an asset swap mod to use the existing Battle Sister Proof of Concept assets. Obviously it lacks all the development work mentioned above, but if all you care about is the visuals, you might look that up.

    Avatar photoForceEcho

    Or you could go and make your own game? You could add in disabled battle brothers to your game also, oh wait does the Cripple background count as disabled? Probably. Would need to have female disabled battle brothers also though.

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    Avatar photoLedgren

    Thanks for the question EdenGenesis, as glad as I am that the dev team is working on DLC, I’ve been detached from a lot of the discussion and had no idea a decision had been made on female characters. If you hadn’t asked, others wouldn’t know the source conversations for that final decision.

    , Eden has forum topics over a year old. He’s not a new member. And before you call me out, neither am I. I don’t have my old profile, but I’ve been playing this game and hanging around the forum at least a year before it came out of early access. If the forum hasn’t been scrubbed, I’m sure there’s a post with me bitching or arguing with someone somewhere here.

    I appreciate you trying to put the debate to bed, but there are better ways to do it. Suggesting that ‘gynephilia” (wanting women in gaming) is some cultural abnormality that doesn’t belong in media you like and that Eden is a monster for even asking a question about female characters is not one of them.

    “Women will not be in BB an the topic has been done to death <link here> would have been sufficient.

    New profile, old player.

    Avatar photoForceEcho

    Ledgren, the topic was broached in an arrogant and accusatory manner – with a “holier than thou” approach.
    Pure moralising and virtue signalling and nothing more. That will not stand.

    Be under no illusion – women in the game is not the issue here. If it was not a gender issue – it would be a race issue,
    or an ethnicity issue, or a religious issue or whatever other identity politics/discrimination topic you can think of.

    Realistically, Battle Brothers is a simple game and a fun game. It is made by a small studio with an obvious
    passion for the game. There is no ulterior motives or sinister intent.

    If you come in here and try to politicise this forum and push that crap, you can expect to get told to f off and try somewhere else.

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