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ForceEcho, thank you for your reply.

I just want to let you know that I’m not a new member of this forum at all. I might have been away for a while but I was here from the very beginning. I am more active on twitter as it was an effective way to get in touch with the developers.

I could not understand why the battle sisters could not be part of the game, even if we had the ability to choose to add or remove them as an option in the game, the same way we can decide what will be the late game crisis. If these characters were not already created, I would understand why they wouldn’t add them but as these characters are already designed. I was wondering what may be the reason not to include them? I’m not a girl but from what I know, some women were great fighters ( and I’m certain they could have been part of mercenary companies.

Please list me topics talking about female mercenaries as the only one I found did not give any reasons except a big « No » for adding battle sisters and that lack of explanation was suspicious for me. It sounded like people did not want to add women for misogynist reasons.

If there are technical reasons for not adding them, I would say sorry for my misunderstanding. But since battle sisters were intended to be part of the game since the beginning, I’m just curious about what made the developers change their mind.

Are there any topics listing both, what are the members ideas that will be abandoned by the developers and the one that the developers decided to add in their upcoming DLC.

By the way, it could be great if they could sell a brand new Art Book with the updated content from their new DLCs (including the free one).

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