Reply To: About the new DLC

Avatar photoLedgren

Thanks for the question EdenGenesis, as glad as I am that the dev team is working on DLC, I’ve been detached from a lot of the discussion and had no idea a decision had been made on female characters. If you hadn’t asked, others wouldn’t know the source conversations for that final decision.

, Eden has forum topics over a year old. He’s not a new member. And before you call me out, neither am I. I don’t have my old profile, but I’ve been playing this game and hanging around the forum at least a year before it came out of early access. If the forum hasn’t been scrubbed, I’m sure there’s a post with me bitching or arguing with someone somewhere here.

I appreciate you trying to put the debate to bed, but there are better ways to do it. Suggesting that ‘gynephilia” (wanting women in gaming) is some cultural abnormality that doesn’t belong in media you like and that Eden is a monster for even asking a question about female characters is not one of them.

“Women will not be in BB an the topic has been done to death <link here> would have been sufficient.

New profile, old player.