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Hey Guys,
sorry for beeing absent again. I really enjoy reading the discussion in here :)
It’s a very interesting and difficult topic when it comes to deciding on what items and styles one would consider appropriate for the game – especially in a “low power fantasy setting”.

Here are some examples of late medieval weaponry that should obviously be out of the timeframe, but got implemented right from the very beginning of Battle Brothers:
The Billhook (or Bill) is a weapon beeing used mostly in the 16th century.
The Warhammer beeing commonly used in the 14th+ century.
The Pike commonly used by Landsknechts, 15th+ century

I focused on painting these Items in a simple and “early” looking style to make them fit in with the rest of the gear.
Nevertheless I decided to draw the line when it came to actual plate armor. We have the coat of plates though, which would be typical for the 1250s or 1300s.
As you can see the borders are very fluent throughout all of the BB equipment. My way to decide what to include and what not is mostly based on the visuals of the items, not their actual time period.. Plate Armor has a very disctinct “high power” look to it, that I don’t want in the World of Battle Brothers.

The thing is, that the more items you add to the game, the more you will have to stretch the boundaries of the depicted timeframe to give you more flexibility in designing meaningful weapons with actually new purposes or fighting styles.
The best example for this would be the fencing sword.

So to sum it up, I just individually decide on each item if I think it visually fits the game or not, using the very rough timeframe of 900 to 1300 as a guideline.


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