Reply To: About the new DLC

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Ledgren, the topic was broached in an arrogant and accusatory manner – with a “holier than thou” approach.
Pure moralising and virtue signalling and nothing more. That will not stand.

Be under no illusion – women in the game is not the issue here. If it was not a gender issue – it would be a race issue,
or an ethnicity issue, or a religious issue or whatever other identity politics/discrimination topic you can think of.

Realistically, Battle Brothers is a simple game and a fun game. It is made by a small studio with an obvious
passion for the game. There is no ulterior motives or sinister intent.

If you come in here and try to politicise this forum and push that crap, you can expect to get told to f off and try somewhere else.

"A plethora of peasents"