Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner

Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

Hi Paul, hope you and your team have been well, thanks to everyone revisiting this project!

The Schrat look like they’ll be a nasty foe, but they had me wondering about weapons with fire-damage for instance; torches, fire-arrows (ability), and pots filled with pitch/tar, is there any chance that might be within the scope of this expansion? It might be a nice way to do a real take on “magical spells”.

(For effects it could terrify wolves, deal bonus damage to ghosts, and have a chance of kindling/engulfing a unit in flame (Schrat/Fabric-Armor). Torches for night-vision would be cool)

The armour improvements look awesome, and I look forward to seeing the settlement based quests.

As one last question :p… you’ve created some lovely ladies (and hags lol), is there any chance we could get some not so lovely ladies appearing in our ranks? (wenches, run-away maidens, vengeful widows, etc.)