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The Schrat look like they’ll be a nasty foe, but they had me wondering about weapons with fire-damage for instance; torches, fire-arrows (ability), and pots filled with pitch/tar, is there any chance that might be within the scope of this expansion? It might be a nice way to do a real take on “magical spells”.

We actually had some discussions about this while creating the craftable Items for the expansion. In the end we decided against it, but “IF” there should be another expansion, chances are that some kind of fire damage will be included.

you’ve created some lovely ladies (and hags lol), is there any chance we could get some not so lovely ladies appearing in our ranks? (wenches, run-away maidens, vengeful widows, etc.)

Unfortunately the real reason why there are still no battle sisters hasn’t changed yet: The large and widespread adjustments we would have to do to the texts/event system. I suppose that some players would be okay with battle sisters just not partaking in any events or texts, but that’s not the way I would imagine the implementation of such a feature.


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