Reply To: My first impressions

Avatar photoSky

Thanks for such a nice EA. Great potential. Simple but rock solid battle mechanics. Keep it up! ;)

You can always bound the generation of jobs and places to the statistical middle lvl of the full party the player controls. So it will not spawn strong forts at middle lvl 3, nor will it continue to spawn puny forces against the player.

You can even bound some caravan jobs, like you will not get the long ones when you just started since it threw off the early game in my playthrought. 2-3 long caravans and I was all set. For a too long time. Now I have to go look for trouble myself since trouble does not come to me, nor am I getting hard jobs.

The early game long caravans are same as maraudering the guard forces. All you have to do is follow the npc and just get the tonn of gold/equip. Makes little sense imo.