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I think Kraken being a swamp based rather than sea based creature and the design choices are the banner make sense.

One think that irks me and I think from an art point of view could be improved upon is – one of the maritime
based small features in Battle Brothers, the mermaid based company banner ! I was starting a new game recently and
an onlooker that doesn’t play video games watched me create the company. They burst out laughing at the mermaid
banner and said it looked silly. I don’t like to be critical but to be honest I always thought it was a bit immersion
breaking because the quality was pretty poor compared to other banners !

The mermaid banner would make sense if the plan was to eventually incorporate shipborn combat of some sort into the game. However after seeing the Kraken appear as a swamp boss gives me doubt that any adventure while escorting a trade ship from port to port will happen. Maybe in BB2 will the Kraken find a revised role in the future as the rightful menace of the seas where it belongs, along with sea raiders and drowned undead to challenge your company of brothers, as if getting sea sick wasn’t enough!

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