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Hey Foz, here are some answers:

– Will every available company banner have the option of painting shields with the company logo?


– As for painting helmets, will we just have the old 4 options(black, blue/white, red/yellow and green/white)? Or will we have color options compatible with each available company banner? I ask because several banners have different color combinations.

Unfortunately only the existing options for now. I wanted to add more, but the workload of adding a colored version for all the helmets is pretty high, and it was more important to spend my time elsewhere. I’m trying to get in a mono dark red option to go with the kraken banner, but I can’t tell if I’ll manage to in time.

Also, will there be any new banners aside from the Kraken one available for the supporter edition?

No, for the same reasons as above.

Also, any chances we will get heraldic/colored tabards as armor attachments/customizations?

The reason here is that we don’t want the look of the company to be interchangeable with the noble houses. Something so knightly as heraldic tabards doesn’t exactly fit the mercenary theme.
Of course if we would just have to flip a switch and “allow” tabards for the player we would probably do it. But everything we want to implement comes with a distinct amount of work for us and other features would be left out instead.

Sorry for so many negative answers, but as I mention ever so often we have to be very careful about where we invest our limited time. Otherwise it would not have been possible to create such an extensive game with a team of only 3 people.

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