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Now that dog armor is an attachment, will you be able to use it on the wolves?

Haha nice question. I didn’t plan for it, but as the graphic is just placed on top of the other it should be possible. I’ll double check that :)

Regarding the helmets we already have a pretty smooth progression because of the different paddings of the metal helmets and the variety of chain mail coifs.
Nevertheless we decided to introduce two more light/mid tier helmets to support medium armor builds. Both of them have good fatigue ratios and are rather expensive. They can only be bought in shops and not be looted. (—disclaimer: these are not yet implemented as this post is written—-)

On the left we have the Barbute with 190 armor and -8 fatigue (may be subject to change). Even though the absolut armor value is not too high, the Armor to fatigue ratio is very good.
On the right we have the Sallet with 120 armor and -5 fatigue (may be subject to change). As its big advantage the sallet will have no penalty to vision, hence can be worn by archers who can still shoot at max range.



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