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Avatar photoSarissofoi

By the way any chance that we get some armors that are cheap and not fatigue efficient to have some heavier cheap armors that company can afford much earlier(kind of medium armors in protection but heavy in fatigue cost)?
Something like double gambesons or armors with silly round plate in the chest/stomach area? We have them in some sort in ancient evil/fallen heroes armors but nothing that player can buy from shops(cheap). They could be given to militia and bandits.

Also any chance for restoration of ancient dead armors, helmets and weapons?
There are copper and linen in game, heck there are also not vampire dust to polish it. It should be possible to restore them in taxidermist shop(or in armorer/weaponsmith) to their former glory for all that ancient swag.

The new armors and helmets look really fine. But that is no surprise.