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And that new armor on the left brother! Haven’t seen it yet in blog posts

I think we haven’t shown it yet. It’s called Noble Mail and has a very good ar/fatigue ratio for late game nimble etc builds. This one is not a named armor, but can be bought in shops.

By the way any chance that we get some armors that are cheap and not fatigue efficient to have some heavier cheap armors that company can afford much earlier(kind of medium armors in protection but heavy in fatigue cost)?

I thought about that as well and it is a distinct possibility if we crate more content.

Also any chance for restoration of ancient dead armors, helmets and weapons?

Honestly I never thought about it. Interesting idea though. The armors would have to look more like a mix of ancient/medieval though to not throw off the overall look and setting too much.

1. I was wondering, will there be any more “Legendary” gear, I won’t put spoilers in this thread but you know 2 armour sets (1 from location, 1 from event) + fangshire.

I will only confirm what people found out by looking at the new achievements. There is a Legendary sword to be assembled.

2. Will there be any new named armor sets? Like how a unique named set was added with lindwurm. Sorry for the questions but I love trying to collect all the gear haha.

Unfortunately not, we focused on smoothing out the basic armor progression by adding 4 new armors and all armor upgrades can also be attached to named armors. So this way you can customize the look of your guys somehow.
There are two pieces of equipment craftable at the Taxidermist which almost count as named items, because they are pretty unique.

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