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Just have to say Paul, browsing through this thread, watching the game and art progress and come alive is a real treat. I don’t think I understood how much art could contribute to the making of the game until I came here. Thanks for the continued efforts, and may you enjoy even a fraction of the joy you’ve given us all.

Thanks man, it’s great to hear that. I’m trying my best :)

Hey Paul, that “zweihander” image from the latest blog post, is it from a new event picture? I don’t remember seeing it in the game.

Maybe I forgot to post it here:

dead alp

Good luck tomorrow guys. Fingers crossed for you ! :) Well done with everything I hope you have
a nice celebration, you deserve it.

Thanks for the support! The biggest fear is always that there are a lot of bugs popping up, even though we tested the DLC thoroughly. But we are pretty confident that everything runs smoothly.


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