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I’m really happy you decided to make a new DLC, and it was an instabuy for me. Thanks for your hard work.

I’ve just bought the DLC, and have already found some bugs in the first campaign.

EDIT: I’m having trouble uploading the log and the save. The site says it can’t upload a .rar or .html file for security reasons, and the .sav is too big. Should I e-mail them to you?

1) Can’t click on Webknecht party (no pun intended with the title) spawned after the “Beasts Terrorizing x” quest
The cursor never changes to a sword, it stays a boot, and I can’t click on it, and can’t do the quest.

2) Can’t zoom in
When I met the first problem, I tried zooming in to see if that would help, but I noticed that there’s something strange going on. It starts zooming in ok, but suddenly it magnifies too much, and only shows the terrain, no city or parties on the map.

I don’t know if the two bugs are connected, but they might. I’ll wait for a patch, as I got off to a good start with that save.
Thanks in advance.

What version number does it say in the bottom right of the main menu?

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