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Well, I think you have already received many videos and reviews about how the nimbl works in the new dlc. Politely say, it looks weird. My opinion that the very idea that a nimbl should absorb damage is fundamentally wrong and not logical. A fighter without armor cannot receive less damage from penetrating damage than a fighter in armor, no matter how fat he is. Do you understand? Not to mention the economic component – do not need armor, do not need tools, do not care about injuries and daggers. Perk which is stronger than any other for any character and any build, the ultimate perk is not the best way for the interest of the game.
Sure, you can say : “too cheat and easy for you-do not use”. Ok, i am agree at some way, but enemies have it, some new monster too powerfull if you not use nimble.
Sadly whole game meh broken by this perk.