Reply To: B@E some fb from RusBear

Avatar photokem

2. Same time Alps and Hexes – not. MultiApls just boring wipe. Hexes charmed sergant with 100+ resolve 3 times in a row. 4 hexes make your 8 brothers off from battle in 2 turns. It is worst then even shamans, Holy Bear. 4-5 Hexes with party with ANY other enemy – wipe 200%

Hexes are doable if you are going in prepared with proper gear and potions (witch battle event), or a contact (the way most contracts are implemented, the “ambush way”, its just pure BS)

If battle is an ambush (you cannot reasonably expect the odds) it is just a pure damage control, with not much to control to begin with, as your units are not yours to control, lol. So, its just a wipe, basically.