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I was thinking about Nimble characters for quite a while.
Bonus movement is right way to go. I dont know if plain extra 1 tile movement for free isnt too much…

My points:
1. Nimble characters should be catchable by not nimble characters – if you grant them plain extra movement per turn then Nimble ranged characters can break the game, because they can create a gap every turn which you cannot compansate next round.
2. The Nimble bonus should be apllied only for cloth and leather type armour. No max Fatigue percentage conditions etc…
Just pure and simple: naked/cloth/leather gives bonus, metal does not.
3. Nimble perk should not give you any damage reduction – by damage reduction you just create quasi-heavy-armoured character.
4. Light armoured characters with Nimble perk should be an viable alternative/option to heavy armour build.

So lets sum it up:
Light armour strategy means that every hit counts and you go to the battle expecting to not be hit at all. Your worst enemy is guaranteed 5% hit chance. Best way to avoid being hit in this scenario is to not be attacked at all…

Nimble perk should grant cost reduction on Footwork / Rotation perk. Both abilities now cost 3AP+25Fatigue. Nimble perk should make them 2AP+10Fatigue ability = nearly regular movement costs.
What does it mean:
1. You can actually ignore enemy zone of control with Nimble character wearing non-metalic armour.
2. You can reliably advance 1-tile, attack with 5AP and reliably withdraw 1-tile.
3. You can attack 5AP and reliably withdraw 2-tiles.
4. You can quite reliably retreat character with this Perk if he is not fleeing or is not completly exhausted.
5. Nimble character will have hard time against more agile opponents – f.e. wolves and wolfriders.
6. Nimble character will have problems in limited space and if overwhelmed by opponents.
7. You will have to invest in ranged defense and use cover.