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Just a gentle reminder about this :))

Hey there! soo….I talked to the guys and they reminded me of the reason we dropped this Banner. It’s just too similar to the “Arrow” Banner and color scheme. Although the knight helmet with the castle is pretty awesome, the noble houses would look very much alike regarding their colors. That’s the reason we decided to just implement one of the two.

By the way, we got a little something in the works. First hints will be dropped on friday, so look forward to that :)


Ah I see it makes sense though that’s a shame. I would like it if the background colour was white with a red castle. There is no red and white faction and the layout would match the new “Noble Mail” added in Beasts and Exploration. Would need to take care to change the Bandit banner with upside down Castle faction banner to match! Possible too much work for a minor thing.

Eyes peeled for Friday sure ! :))

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