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Avatar photovarhagen

Hi Paul! I have a greeeat idea for you. Make it possible to create a squad of northerners and play for them? It is very easy for you. They just start in the city and everyone else for their enemies! Yes, there won’t be many contract events and opportunities. But! this is an incredible breath of fresh air for those 250+ hours in the game. support for real fans and buyers!
everyone like “blood for the blood god theme”.
new northman is reeeealy cool in art- anyone want play for them.
This conception means a really new game – this is the level of Big game dlc, the scale of changes is much higher than the DLC for small indie games.
ITS EASILY MAKE. MUCH EASIER THAN the PAST DLC. no new features at all. change the model and characteristic and skill tree.
the overall goal of the campaign for example destroy all settlements well replace the lost content!
I will be great dlc. It will be high bar.