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Avatar photoJCSato

With the additional work happening on named items, I wonder: Are there any plans to add unique goblin weapons? Goblins are in a bit of weird spot in that they really only have “mid-game” tiers – there aren’t light & heavy armor variants like with orcs, and their tactics are more about perks and weapon diversity than raw stats. . .but at the same time I feel like I rarely have cause to use goblin weapons (other than the overseer crossbow), which is a shame. It would be interesting to try to make a build out of the dagger/sword or a super light archer build, but I feel like the lack of named variants holds that idea back.

It feels like it occupies a weird spot in the balance for when enemies would use them, so I don’t know if it’s something I _actually_ want, or something I just _think_ I do. Curious on your thoughts, Paul.