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Psen, the art style in the game is amazing. I took a look at the new locations and I’m excited to battle on them. The first one, what looks like a village (and the orc boss) is what I was hoping for from the game. Like mount and blade when you are chasing or being chased by people on the map you always want to lead the opponents to a favourable battle location if you can. I’ve used the militias more than a handful of times to save my ass (sometimes there’s orc raiders already raiding when I show up). So I’m eager to fight alongside them next to their homes and in their farms instead of the current dull road. If I have a battle on a map bridge will it and the river be larger during the encounter than the stream in the pic? The snowprints are a nice touch, I want to see what kind of effects the game will have, if you fight in a blizzard do the tracks gradually disappear? In the last picture of the dungeon do you need to have a member (or more) with a torch in the offhand? I’ll be checking back regularly to see how the cemetaries and ancient battlefields will look, as well as how the orc (and goblin) camps will look. Thanks for all the hard work, I hope you get a fair share of the shekels coming in.
Edit: About the musculature, I’d like to see characters look slightly shorter if they have the respective trait or thinner with fragile (or fatter with fat/more muscles with strong). Just slight adjustments would be cool, not enough to be distracting (bigger than an orc warrior) but enough to add another identifier to the unique party members. I noticed cultists have tattoos so this isn’t a stretch.