Reply To: Crafting Mod v1.0

Avatar photokem

Hey, thank you for the work.
My thoughts onn the stuff:
BB is good for its balance, these consumables just breaks it. I don’t even feel like to play to see that.
Lets go point by point.
1) bleased oil – op. Any 40 dam arpen attack kills the legionnaire or an honor guard. Not good.
2) Scaling poison – sneks are already trivial fight, poison just makes it 100% risk free. Not good.
3) interesting, why only permanent? I Like it.
4) Flashbang. Not for 13 century Germany. Poor concept.
5) Good idea, need to look at the weight and cost to make a judgement.
6) not good, intoxication is bad for (concentration) combat, need drawbacks for att and def.
7) OP vs beasts.