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    Hi everyone
    I have some free time, and I found a good tutorial about moding BattleBrothers, so I decided to create a small mod about crafting. Just put .zip in “Data” folder and be happy :)

    The main goal of this modification – to extend current crafting system and to put it into some order.

    The principles:
    1)Early game crafting
    Now it is common situation when you keep a lot of Trophies but can’t create anything. You have too little oportunities after killing first ones of beasts – crafting mostly needs more than one kind of beast to be slayed.
    So I try to organize crafting with tiers:
    t1 – based on Wolfs, Ghouls and Spiders Trophies
    t2 – based on Alps, Hexes, Unholds and Vampires Trophies
    t3 – based on Lindwurms and Schrats Trophies
    Also I added some items as t1.5 which based on t1 and t2 Trophies. As result you often are able spend all loot from beasts (not always, but more often than now)

    Another side of this – I want to create stronger influence of early potions, but with drawback. Some new potions give you a lot for whole day, but after your brother becomes sick. So it’s not good idea to give it high-skill brothers, but you can save a bit on salary using lowborns with this potions.

    -Add Wolf Potion, [Greater] Wolf Potion, Predator Potion, [Greater] Predator Potion
    -Rework demands of Cat Potion, Second Wind Potion, Lionheart Potion, Poisoned Oil

    2)Make a choice
    This part of modification reworks current accessories and ammo.
    What for? You have to make a choice, but now Hex Necklace definitely better than another one (alp/ghoul), also Large ammo with arrows and bolts better than basic one. So I decided to create variety of using neck and ammo slot.

    So now this three Necklaces give different bonuses – resolve (ghoul), ranged defense (alp) and fatigue (hex).
    About ammo – new types of ammo give some plus and minus relative to basic ammo. Totaly 3 items on each arrows/bolts type – basic, heavy (current Large) and light versions of quiver. Also I changed their recipe and they contains only 10 arrows/bolts.

    -Replace Large quiver of arrows/bolts with Quiver of heavy arrows/bolts (2 items)
    -Add Quiver of light arrows/bolts (2 items)
    -Rework effects of Alp, Hex and Ghoul Necklaces

    3)Small Improvement
    Adding battle potions forces us to carry more in bags during battle, but it’s still a bit useless to waste perk-point on ‘Bags and Belts’. So I decided to add “Bags” as item, and now you can create 1-slot and 2-slots Bags for your guys. Don’t forget ‘Make a choice’ rule, therefore bigger bag weighs more.
    Also I think, you will miss about having 15 arrows in quiver – so now “Bags and Belts” increases amount of ammo and throwing weapons by 50% instead of giving 2 slots (second part of perk still works as before).

    Another point – Paints. It doesn’t improve your stats, so creating them instead of usefull potions a bit unreasonable, but cut off this oportunity also unfair. And we have dyes in the game – why we can’t create simple paints using dyes? Oh, now we can – moreover, from 1 stack of dyes you get 4 stacks of paints (according to price).

    -Rework Bag and Belts (Perk)
    -Add Small Bag, Large Bag
    -Rework paints – now they based on Dyes (Trade goods)

    It’s better use this Mod with new company. If you continue current company, you can face some issues with Bags and Belts perk and Large quiver of arrows/bolts.
    To solve it: about perk, you can create bag-item and equip-unequip it to remove extra slots (or use them unfair). About Quivers – it becomes 15/10 ammo, but equip-unequip must help.
    Also I don’t test too much, so be careful :)

    @Adam thanks for tools and tutorial :)

    @Paul you told me about some icons, so if you have suitable ones I will be glad to replace current (x2 bags, x4 potions and x2 quivers)

    @rap I found some moments in code like bugs or mistypes:
    – Large quivers have wrong ID (same as common), but changing them breaks “Ammo warning” (fixed in mod)
    – Refill ammo doesn’t work if can’t fill 100% – for example having 9 ammo in stash willn’t fill 0/10 quiver (fixed in mod)
    – Also Large quivers with 15 max ammo needs only 10 ammo to refill (it works like this cause throwing weapons need 10 ammo to refill their 5)

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    Great mod IaViper. Have you uploaded it to the battle brother nexus mods website as well?

    I also highly suggest you get in contact with the the Legends BB mod team, as they might like incorporate your ideas into the larger project they are working on.

    It’s so great so see people generating content like this. I hope you will do more!



    So you can ask @coffee about merging our two mods together.
    As for me, I don’t use their mode, but of course they’ve done great work. I started late and I base my mode on idea have no conflicts with new DLC.

    I plan extend my mode with crefting which depends on background – add some events, when party get new recipes if contains some brothers with right background. For example – assasin will tell about “Deadly Poison”. But I don’t know how many time it will take.


    Nice idea about bags.

    Participant has great interface for mods, and also most people look for Battlebrothers mods in there, I suggest you post your mod on it too.
    More people will see it this way.


    BTW laViper
    Any chance that you would do just simple mod that adds bags only?


    Bags, you mean just items? But it collides with perk Bags and Belts – so if you will not use this perk so you can use this items without problems.
    Anyway, this items need a small changes with whole “stash system”, so if you also use another modes, you can have some troubles.

    With legendary mod I can write its owners and tell how implement this items to their code.


    Well I rarely use Bags and Belts perk but having bags as items alternative is nice – you still sacrifice accessory slot although current accessories could use some boost.
    I did purge in your mod and leave only bags. It works and so its fine.

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