Reply To: Crafting Mod v1.0

Avatar photolaViper

Thanks for feedback.

1)Yes, agree. I forgot that undeads have lowHP, so yes deamage should be decreased from 20 to 10. Already fixed.
2)May be I will add turns limit, for example 5 turn in general give 5-8-11-14-17 damage = 55 vs 20 of basic poison. Idea of this poison to take more profit in long battle, but have less value in short battle.
3)It’s more “roleplay” item and effects only on Broken Elbow Joint, Broken Knee, Partly Collapsed Lung, Maimed Foot or Weakened Heart. Why only permanent – cause on comon injuries you can influence by Temple treatment. Also I don’t want to give option to ignore permanent injury, and this potion only halves them – coding such behavor takes a lot of time (have to touch each injury to give another stats/text if bro under effect).
4)First of all just want to create consumable item based on Schrat loot like Lindwurm gives us Acid bottle – so recipe of this is only Glowing Resin. Acid bottle also is not for 13 century Germany. It gives opportunity to protect your archers vs enemies one or give a chance to hide lowHP bro from ranged attacks if he cought a bolt.
5)With ‘bags’ items from prev version it just give one slot if you carry bandages and antidotes, also using it cost less AP than comon bandages and antidotes.
6)”Addictive” gives your bro few days off after effect has gone. May be it’s really not enough and breaks my idea to involve low skills brothers to fight, cause confident high skill bro takes more profit. So I think about changing effect to ignore morale (like undead) for whole battle or just few turns – 3-5.
7)I check big beast resolse – the lower is 130 (Unhold) or other have more. I based calculation on simple enemy like young orc with 65 resolve. Potion decrease current morale of one target in way [200 / resolve] (round up). So young orc will lose 4 morale level, but unhold only 2.

You can test Blessing Oil (10 dmg), Deadly Poison (still no limits) and Medical Kit in scenarios “Line Battle Undead/Orcs/Goblins”. All other don’t have normal images and verified texts (also i dont know how to add overlay icons on battlebround).
Better don’t use this mod in normal games cause I’ven’t finished with testing, balancing and clearing.