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First and foremost. I would like to see variety in the general army factions. Instead of only thug and raider. Give like lower thug, thug, fast or strong thug, stuf like that to add some general variance. All my character are 62 then 63 then 58 the raider are … 65 65… Too… Rounded? Lets say there stats rolled at start of fight for most enemies offering a +/- of 5 with minor notes to name to indicate difference. Next i would love to see a medic class some character like doctor or soemthing that has an ability to mend a character somehow maybe medical poultice. However done just a method to help characters. I would love to see camp focus ideas. Something like background training where each day they have a chance to recieve a point in selected space. Something akin to a training regimen to help character with for example bad resolve and no hope for a better a chance to develop. Ofcourse a small chance maybe 25% each day. Hmmm and finally i guess more times that backgrounds interact. Make more random events with minor things. Fisherman catch fish that add to food. Hunters get deer. But make them have choices and soemtiem failure sometiems success and small bonuses or costs. But make them often. These feel like the best parts of the game when my juggler does a show. Makes it feel like a real team travelling. Current feel like every 10 days maybe ide almost want to see one every 2. And some simple others more complicated.

And this is a big request but each character having a sortof development quest. Hunt a beast or visit a space or do an action to earn a small bonus specific to character. Or earn or fix soem issues. Win against greenskins 3 times removes fear. Or likewise things gained from experience. Soemthing like knowledge of enemy fighting style so they gain a plus 5 defence on that attack type.

Sorry for so long but i love your work and have both support packs. The game is so simple would love to see that small varience and day to day moments and also wherever you take it i support. Obviously ideas but i feel they could add some more depth.

Oh $€&# a mode you set ai playstyle and it auto plays out for you like your guys ai controlled hmmm. Ok imma stop now. Call me ;)