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    Mob Ideas:
    Aufhocker: A shape-shifting monster set on feasting on other’s blood. A challenging foe due to it’s ability to change into different beast, and it’s extreme attempts to tear out the throats of your brothers.

    Nachtkrapp: A giant nocturnal raven-like bird, instead of feasting on innocent children, the all devouring bird will attack anything. Hard to fight with melee, and would attempt to devour any unlucky brother.

    General Concept Ideas:
    Kidnapping: The ability to kidnap a lone member of an enemy band. After crushing your enemies, if there is a single character left. Doing nonlethal or throwing nets on them, to capture and kidnap them. Allowing you to sell them off for money, or try and convince them to join you.

    Beast Kidnapping/Taming: Similar to original kidnapping, but with the added process of breaking and taming the said beast. Though limited of course. Like a dire wolf could be tamed but take more than controlling a Nachzehrer, which would take the corpse of your enemies to keep under control or risk it turning on you.

    The Insane Noble (Contract): You and your brothers are asked to handle a local noble that as slowly lost their mind, holing up in their settlement for long periods. They speak in tongues foreign to all and carry around this strange and twisted book.

    Origins ideas:
    The Slave Rebellion: You were captured and branded to be your master’s slave. You resented your master and day by day plotted to free yourself, other like-minded slaves dubbed you their leader. The three of you would flee during the night, forging a brotherhood between you. Now free but on the run, you’ll have to make money somehow. Raising a sword sounds easier than raising a farm.



    Barbarian AI change

    I keep seeing Barbarians not spending any AP one turn and then using Adrenaline at the end of the turn.
    Next turn they use Recover.

    Is it possible to make them use the strong adrenaline – recover combo when they are almost out of fatigue?

    Let them use Recover first, then Adrenaline in the same turn so they start relatively fresh on fatigue next round. I am using that combo for my Brothers aswell.



    First and foremost. I would like to see variety in the general army factions. Instead of only thug and raider. Give like lower thug, thug, fast or strong thug, stuf like that to add some general variance. All my character are 62 then 63 then 58 the raider are … 65 65… Too… Rounded? Lets say there stats rolled at start of fight for most enemies offering a +/- of 5 with minor notes to name to indicate difference. Next i would love to see a medic class some character like doctor or soemthing that has an ability to mend a character somehow maybe medical poultice. However done just a method to help characters. I would love to see camp focus ideas. Something like background training where each day they have a chance to recieve a point in selected space. Something akin to a training regimen to help character with for example bad resolve and no hope for a better a chance to develop. Ofcourse a small chance maybe 25% each day. Hmmm and finally i guess more times that backgrounds interact. Make more random events with minor things. Fisherman catch fish that add to food. Hunters get deer. But make them have choices and soemtiem failure sometiems success and small bonuses or costs. But make them often. These feel like the best parts of the game when my juggler does a show. Makes it feel like a real team travelling. Current feel like every 10 days maybe ide almost want to see one every 2. And some simple others more complicated.

    And this is a big request but each character having a sortof development quest. Hunt a beast or visit a space or do an action to earn a small bonus specific to character. Or earn or fix soem issues. Win against greenskins 3 times removes fear. Or likewise things gained from experience. Soemthing like knowledge of enemy fighting style so they gain a plus 5 defence on that attack type.

    Sorry for so long but i love your work and have both support packs. The game is so simple would love to see that small varience and day to day moments and also wherever you take it i support. Obviously ideas but i feel they could add some more depth.

    Oh $€&# a mode you set ai playstyle and it auto plays out for you like your guys ai controlled hmmm. Ok imma stop now. Call me ;)


    I got some suggestion for game (maybe as a new DLC) – New boss type: Broodmother – Big spider in Forest area with 5 eggs around company, 8 Webknechts and Spider boss Broodmother. If Broodmother kills somebody he will spawn 5 Webknechts after third turn. Broodmother can charge through units and can attack twice per turn. She can´t web anyone, but can paralyze one person for one turn. To kill her you need to get through her arachnid chitin (which will be balance question but maybe around 500 armor). Killing her, you will get 6 shields, which will have around 100 armor (Arachnid Chitin Shield) and 8 to 10 fatigue.

    New Origin – King´s coming (or something like that) – One Disown Noble, One Swordmaster, Two Squires. You will be Enemy with one Noble house (not villages just that one big city) and it will be on you if you join another Noble House and retake your kingdom or you will try kill Noble House to retake it by blood. Some events could reflect from how world sees you. If you are good guy, another Noble House will help you retake your kingdom and will have really good relations with you, but if you are bad guy, other Noble House will help you retake it, but you would pay so much and even they will become after that (pay) enemies.

    New Weapon – Torch – Increase vision in night times by 2. Durability 10 and you can try to set on fire somebody. Low chance to set on fire somebody (can act as off hand weapon). Fire will affect morale of enemy heavily.

    New Background – Cook/Chef – Decrease provision eaten by company by 25% to 50% (bad in dmg but great in defense)



    backgrounds should be developable. Each one gaining unique things as you progress that backgrounds “quest” subtle but pleasant changes. And its been said i bet but make backgrounds have unique ability or element. Company commander bonuses. Maybe the teams owner of leader is ex soldier help with combat or trader gets better trade but holds a position not as fighter but as leader. Something in the form of prep before battles. Ability to fix some permanent injurys.
    Be a necromancer slowly get stronger with “drafted” soldiers that degrade and sacrifices to unlock access to stronger units. Start with weidergangers level up to 1 or 2 honor guard or necros.
    Own or start a settlement.
    Attacks on locations feel lack lustre when u inevitably get a open plain or swamp. Maybe graveyard had tombstones. Or courtyard has choke point like spots.

    Weapons can be altered something like a dead island. Like weighted hammer or added blades. Even sharpened or dull effects.


    I am playing Paesant Militia and I like those new figurines on the map, but why Paesant Militia looks like bandits after some renown? Shouldn´t their figurine on map look like Militia? I don´t know if every origin have this thing, but I would suggest to change that :D


    Sabre fencing is all about riposte: how about adding “Riposte” skill for Shamshir instead of “Decapitate” (or maybe alongside it, as a third skill) and maybe buff it up a bit, like have increased hit chance for it, greater than for swords?

    Some video on topic:

    Od the Missing
    Od the Missing

    Maybe add sea raiders, missions, landmarks, and events? Stuff to do with all that wasted water and the boats. Most of my maps have big, empty seas. You could put a big ass dragon coiling at the edge of the map, have whale hunting, ghost ships, pirate coves, that sort of thing. That’s almost another game’s worth of content though.


    A Background 39 sorcerer brother can remove the curse and the brother gets a mood boost. What is this? Where I can find Sorcerer brother?



    Hello everyone,
    i got 2 suggestions

    1. this forum needs a search function -.- couldnt check if that idea is allready present (i might be stupid though, maybe you could enligthen me)

    2. this is the actual game suggestion.
    i know that now with the dlc we have the poacher start with that perfect scouting of locations.
    But i would suggest to be activly able to scout a location. The ídea is to be in the area for enough time to get informations.
    this could be via event trigger or just reavealing the normal scout things.

    because time equals money, this would not really break the game. it would just deliver a little more encouragement to tackle those locations, the scouting doesnt need to work all the time. Hey it could even critically fail. outcomes could be getting attacked (ambushed would be too much), the location getting reinforcements due to being prepared, or the camp could just vanish because they retreated (maybe an empty location).

    we have a little similar mechanic with the chance that troops activly attacking you when you siege them. But i really miss a scouting option.

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