Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner

Avatar photoLykos

Hello Paul,

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks slowly reading through the 108 pages of this thread and now that I’ve reached the end I decided to register so that I could comment.

I came across your Artstation profile and proceeded to write up something of a wall-of-text but unfortunately when I went to send it, it said your profile was set to not receive messages (which is totally fair enough) so I thought I’d post here instead. I suppose this gives me the chance to cut out all the waffle from my original message!

Just wanted to say that I love your art style and all of the graphics that you’ve produced for this game. Like a lot of fans of BB it was your art that first grabbed my attention for this great little game and sucked me in!
I was quite surprised to see there was no art from Battle Brothers uploaded on your Artstation profile, not that that’s a criticism by any means, just an observation! I’m curious, will you be uploading work from BB on there or are you planning something else for your portfolio? Do you have any portfolio content anywhere that features your in-game graphic assets (because they are incredible!)?

I really like the old school vibe I get from Battle Brothers, even down to the old Floppy Disc icon for saving games!

I wanted to finish by saying that your work has greatly inspired me as a fledgling artist. I’m self taught (and still going) myself. Would love to see some more of your artwork and would be very interested in seeing into more of your working processes.