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I was quite surprised to see there was no art from Battle Brothers uploaded on your Artstation profile, not that that’s a criticism by any means, just an observation! I’m curious, will you be uploading work from BB on there or are you planning something else for your portfolio?

Hey Lykos,
when Battle Brothers evolved into a fulltime job for me, I stopped updating my Artstation, Deviant Art profile and personal portfolio because I didn’t have the need to showcase my stuff for job applications anymore. Apart from that I’m simply too busy to keep it all updated :)

Do you have any portfolio content anywhere that features your in-game graphic assets (because they are incredible!)?

There are quite a few assets in the BB Lore and Art book which is included in the supporter edition.

I don’t know if you have seen these, but there are a few painting videos on the Overhype Studios Youtube channel:


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