Reply To: Crafting Mod v1.0

Avatar photolaViper

Continue working under mod and it would happen sooner or later – I’ve decided to touch perks :)

The main idea of this changes is making brothers with different backrounds and stats have a bigger diversity. To achieve it I planed few steps:
-High-level perks should depend on stats if it possible. For example Fearsome, Killing Frenzy or Nimble – any brother can take it and get similar profit.
-Make depending on Hitpoints and Resolve – these stats are less valuable and moustly have few connected perks.
-Improve some weak perks to make more choices

About backgrounds – it influence on stats, but it’s also not enough. So instead of making extra perks for backgrounds, I decided to improve current perks if bro is “Talented” at it. So each background will have 6 possible perks to improve and bro will have chance to be talented at them.

So right now I’ve changed/imroved totaly 10 perks (with belts and bags).
1)Bags and Belts – partly changed: instead of 2 slots, gain +50% ammunition of ranged weapon
2)Pathfinder – improved: regain 1AP after first step
It gives you opportunity to make step and 2 attacks or 2 steps and 6-ap attack. During test it looks a bit op.
3)Dodge – changed to: gain +5 M/R defence per tile moved till end of turn
AS low level perk it gives weak bro to gain defence in some situation
4)Nimble – changed to: works as basic Dodge, gain M/R defence based on Initiative (20%)
As High-level perk should be based on stats
5)Lone Wolf – changed to: gain M/R skill and defence bonus based on Resolve. Have penalty if allie stay near instead of total removing (gain only 25% if stay in 2 tiles and 50% in 3 tiles)
6)Fearsome – changed to: gain Treaten (as wolfs items) based on resolve – decrease enemies resolve in melee
As High-level perk should be based on stats
7)Killing Frenzy – changed to: gain damage bonus in melee based on current HitPoints (0.3% per each)
As High-level perk should be based on stats
8)Taunt – improved: decrease first use cost a bit and all next uses during this turn cost 66% less (ap/fatigue)
Make more valuable
9)Steel Brow – improved: has 50% protect against stun or daze (ones per turn)
Make more valuable
10)Shield Expert – improved: start with shieldwall
Make more valuable

And I’m working under talented perks system. How perks will be improved I will write late.