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So I posted this topic on reddit’s r/battlebrothers and someone suggested I post it here for the devs to see.

So I got this idea from another game, and I’ve always thought it was a cool idea.

Crazy things happen in some battles, and I think it’d be cool if certain feats were recognised and awarded to bros.

For example:

Feat: successfully evade 20 enemy attacks in 1 battle

Medal name: Jammy Dodger

Award: either + 5% to dodge skill or +3 ranged or +3 melee defence

Cost: 500 gold or pay raise

Example 2

Feat: slay 100 orcs over 25 battles

Medal name: Orc Bane

Award: +5 melee attack / + ranged attack / + 5% damage to orcs

Cost: 1000 gold or pay raise

Example 3

Feat: slay 10 hexes over 5 battles

Medal name: Hag Bane

Award: + 25 to resolve during resolve checks versus hexes.

Cost: gold/ pay raise

Players are also able to choose whether or not to give medals. Bros cannot earn more than say, 3 – 5 medals. All medals are awarded to the bro that earned them.

What are everyone else’s thoughts?