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Paul I added one very small art request in suggestions threads on forum. Would be cool if you gave thread a look.
In summary, since whip added a few enemies do a punch attack and the punch uses human hand art. It is a bit
immersion breaking. I like how the Unhold has a fist image. I think there should be a generic Greenskin fist attack
and generic skeleton fist attack symbol. Not a big deal but would be cool for consistency of the art. Cheers. :)

Hey Force,
as always no promises, but I’ll add it to my “maybe list” :)

Awesome graphics, so nice, neat and lovely! Sometimes I pause the game just to enjoy the view.

It’s quite sad that no battle in locations are implemented (

Hey Dare Wolf,
we planned to implement battle locations many times before. The problem is that the feature is very work heavy and adds mostly immersion instead of actual gameplay features or playable content. Nevertheless it would be awesome, no doubt about it. So it’s also on the “maybe list” :)

Hey Paul! I’m curious, have you ever considered adding in more colored variants of existing armors, sort of like what the Mail Hauberk has with its’ 6 or so variants? I threw together a little mock-up of what some gambeson variants could look like too, to get what I’m saying across a little bit better.

Hey Pixel, of course we thought about that. The mockup looks pretty cool. The issue is, that it’s still some work as all the assets have to be put together manually and as I mentioned before it’s always the question: What benefits the game most, where should I invest my time? All Assets also have to be implemented and organized by our programmer. So the hurdles are not very high, but still more work than changing some colors :)


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