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Hey Devs! I got this game during last year’s (2018) summer sale and did not regret it. I also got all the DlCs and kept saves for 4 merc companies ( more soon!) I haven’t successfully defeat the kraken yet but I already have ‘The Reproach of the old Gods’ and the emperor’s full armour. The learning curve for the game is steep and at first frustrating but once I got it, it’s pretty enjoyable!

Here are some suggestions:

1. In battle quick save – fighting in a legendary location takes many, many turns and requires a long time to play. It is always such a shame that I have to do something else after fighting a battle half way and I have to turn the game off losing my progress and restarting the battle in another randomly generated battle field. I was thinking about saving during a battle to continue the same battle at a later time without losing our progress whenever we needed to do something else in the real world . This will also allow us to play the same battle field without having to generate another random battle field and losing all the hard earned advantages we got during the last battle. The quick save function may be disabled in ‘Iorn man mode’ though.

2. increased perk points – I understand that this is supposed to be a difficult game and that making the brothers lose the ability to gain extra skill points and perk points to be capped at level 11 because any more would make the brothers too OP.However, as humans have an ability to adept and learn new tricks, How about this: after a brother reaches level 11, he will no longer have a perk for every level he gains but will gain one every 10 levels? ( assuming he lives that long) currently I have a brother at level 28 and the thought came to me: Since he’s so strong now, should he be able to carry more things ( bags and belts) or shouldn’t he know more on ow to resist the witches charms? ( fortified mind) So realistically, I think allowing a brother to have a perk point after level 11 ( but not too many!) would be more believable.

3. Trading with the caravans – there are plenty of caravans around the map travelling around wouldn’t it be great if we may trade with them? or Rob them? the items they carry may not be much and their prices may be more expensive if they came from a hostile city or cheaper if from a friendly one.

4. Horses – Wargs for goblins and donkeys for caravans. there is even an event where one of the brothers may race a horse! But why isn’t there any one riding a horse to battle? What happened to white knight riding on a white horse? Perhaps the Calvary units will try to out flank your brothers and their allies and attack just like normal. The horse riders may work just like the warg riders with increased movement range, the ‘foot work’ ability and the ability to survive after the horse is killed. The only difference is that the horses themselves may not attack, will disappear after the rider is killed and be plundered after the battle. The horse may be assigned to a brother using the same slot as the dog. since there is already horse pulling the wagon for your inventory, additional horses should not affect the traveling time on the map. Horses may be sold and bought in a city/ village through the market/stables.

5. Battle sisters – Historically all over the world, there are plenty of stories true and myths that depicts woman warriors perhaps some battle ladies may join the company through hiring or an event perhaps?

6. If permanent destruction is not enabled, cities may be built back after a fixed period of time. maybe even an event where the player’s merc company may join in and help rebuild or protect the builders for a set time/after a few battles ( protecting village). This might even be an event where the brother with a ‘mason’ background may show what he can do.

7. More random Events! The number One thing I love about this game: The Writing. The way the characters speak with such personality and in such a way that we can relate and get into the goings and happenings of the game. Wouldn’t hurt if there were more of such events would it? plus it would make the game much much more fun and interesting. maybe a little more about the lore? something that happened before? Why is the *SPOILERS NOW* player the only one that got dreams during the undead event? *SPOILERS OVER* there are so many unanswered questions! Kuddos to the writer of this game!

8. A southern Barbarian? – Yes. barbarians in the north but what about the south? surely the barbarians are not only confined to the north right? The southern barbarians may act like green skin goblins and prefer sneak attacks and ambushes instead of brute force.

9. Barbarian late game crisis – this is of course for the barbarian DLC. increase barbarian activity, numbers, spawn times! quest will be more geared towards killing barbarians. cities maybe razed to the ground (permanent destruction) or captured and turn into huge, rapid barbarian spawn points. Barbarian cities may be recaptured and have to be rebuilt from scratch. if (8.) is approved, perhaps the north and south barbarians may work together to destroy the kingdom.

Thank you for bring us this awesome game that provides good writing and intriguing game play. Hope to hearing what you think