Reply To: New Background : Master Archer

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But the purpose of the background is to be an ultra rare find, that is exciting when you see it. A legendary archer. Good for the late game when even you could consider dropping one of your lower proficiency veteran hunters for this master archer. It makes for interesting narrative and story telling while bringing something to the table in terms of gameplay (late game options). The overall power of the background is balanced by its rarity and cost.

As I mentioned I think it would be cool if he only showed up when there is archery tournament taking place ! It would make the archery tournament be an exciting settlement situation even in late game because of the rare chance of seeing one of these legends for hire. As it stands for late game archers everyone just hires hunters and I want to see even a tiny variation to this. I think it should be one of those memorable run defining moments like getting a good assassin or the masterwork bow.

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