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I have always, even before the warriors of the north, made my party full of cultist, I like to role play, and Davkul seems like a very caring god, he doesnt require pain, he saves the poor witches from the mobs fire, all he wants is to one day have you join his loving embrace and is very accepting. He is not evil, but misunderstood for sure. Everything about Davkul has driven me towards him since the beginning and although I have tried other beginnings in the dlc,I never get far before my band is all Davkul worshipers again. Anyway enough ranting about how awesome Davkul is, my suggestion would be for an end game that has something to do with crusaders or some other kind of religious war to purge the barbarians and Davkul worshipers, making it a bit of a challenging end game for people who like those. Another suggestion is as word gets out about the mercenary cultist group, crusaders and monks, northerners who despise the cult, and others come after you, kind of how random mercenary groups do if you raid a houses lands. I think this would add for immersion and be a fun challenge. Also if you make a support pack with a Davkul item, or banner, I think alot of people would like it. I buy all supports, and although some banners kind of fit Davkul, having a specific one for Davkul would be awesome. Something dark of course, because his embrace is darkness, a nice loving darkness like a hug from a parent that enfolds, squeezes and temporarily blinds you with their overzealous affection.