Reply To: New DLC; fixes of current content wishlist

Avatar photomelonthief

Love the game and I’m really looking forward to the next dlc. Here’s some wanted features that have been on my mind. Some of these probably have been stated already. Some mods do these things.

1. Option to Auto Pause when enemy sighted on map.
2. Option for pre-battle set up screen (equipping brothers, etc).
3. Option to make battle and map movement much, much faster. Vanilla faster combat is simply not fast enough.
4. Try Out previews a character’s entire stats and information and not just traits.
5. Make caravan donkeys non-combatants. Just make them decoration that cannot be targeted. It’s unrealistic and unfun that bandits can suicidally prioritise a static donkey with their attacks over the caravan guards. They shouldn’t be dying to kill a donkey while there’s armed guards killing them.
6. Any quest that tells you to search a named area like Wolf Wood should illuminate that named area’s text on the map so you can quickly see where the quest is referring to. This is more relevant with the map being made even bigger.
7. Add a retired brothers page similar to the Obituary.
8. Allow some customisation of the map when starting a new game; how many citadels, etc.
9. Different font options.
10. Option to increase the width of the combat log.