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    It would be nice if the shield breaking weapons could do more duration damage on shield using standard attack. And 100% hit chance for shield breaking skill is unfair.

    Avatar photoTOXAsh

    Hallo all. I agree that puncture attack need to rework. And effect of retreating is also need to rework. But now i want to suggest to rework “Head hunter” perk, just because its not working properly or working for enemy, especially if they have heavy helmets or even steel brow like all skeletons have. And how can u explain this situation, when player’s mercenary just hit in the body, while he has 25%+75% to hit the head of ghoul with “Head hunter”? . Maybe it is because of version, but this perk is still useless.

    "Death is a part of mercenaries job."

    Avatar photoxterminal86

    Hi, I’m new here,

    So glad that the game wasn’t abandoned after all!

    Anyway, I browsed through couple of topics and it seems people already touched all of the possible suggestions that I had in mind myself. Guess it shows that I’m not the only one smart here. :-)

    Well, since everything what I wanted seem to have been mentioned already, I just wanted to ask if it is possible to add different battle zones? Right now we have only forest and hills, but it would be great to have actual tombs, castles and ruins and stuff, so that if you attack bandit camp, for example, you’ll fight in actual camp, with stockades and everything. Would be great to have actual town siege battle as well.

    Also, have you considered adding mounted units, so that it’s not only goblins who can ride things?

    Avatar photowolininco

    I dont know is it possible but i wish we can have an event that gives our team one friendly orc warrior. With killer stats it would be really fun to fight alongside a orc merc. Or a master goblin archer. Just a thought.

    Avatar photokem

    My most wanted QoL feature right now:

    Bag & Bags&Belts contents on the battle screen. No dragging, just these 2 actions (same as in inventory) will save tons of time.
    Or make it an Hotkey action. F1 – equip slot 1, F2 – equip slot 2. shift + F1 drop, etc etc

    Avatar photokem

    I think its a good time to bump a 2y old tread, and bring back some items that base game is still lacking:

    1) Huge time hog. Need a way to speed it up without affecting anything.

    Why “The faster” mod is still not included in base version is beyond my comprehension.

    2) Map genenerator needs fixing, to prevent loss of harbors.

    3) Need to revisit game balance, as it was hammered by new gear and skills.
    3.1) Whip makes gheists, and general “fresh” unded, a non-factor.
    3.2) 2h flail is non-viable.
    3.3) pole axe/hammer is overshadowed by a 5ap bill
    3.4) 3h flail is too niche, borderline unviable
    4) inventory cluttering by beast parts.
    Really, killing 50 spiders with a beast slayers just overloads the inventory.
    5) buff alps, seriously 5AP bill + a whip makes any number of them BORING.
    6) Antidote has no game point, unnecessary clutter. Merge it with “bandages”.
    7) we need a warning, that settlement is close to being wiped out to take an action.
    8) hunt beast noble contracts need a tweak to make them worthwhile.
    9) I’d take a possibility to NOT automatically add tools&arrows to appropriate pool to get more tools at the cost of inventory.
    If tools to add > max limit, leftovers stays in the inventory.
    10) add (some) hounds to southern kennels. Add (some) dogs to nothers kennels.
    11) escort caravan per head reward needs to be in line with noble per head reward.
    As bandits more often than not just DON’T fight you, because company is too stronk.
    12) Nerf “dazed”.
    Compensate by adjusting “stun immunity” to “stun resistant” on some mobs.A mob resist 1 point of stun, leving it to be stunned by a “severe stun” for (2-1)= 1 turns.
    13) Buff orc weapons (or add elite warriors), warriors need a 2h mace/hammers. As a way to improve quality of orcs and compensate for impotence of large orc blobs.
    Orcs need a crude throwing spear & crude heavy javelins/ dazing heavy boulders.
    14) legion needs a mobile element to their battleline.

    Avatar photoNamespace

    Please don’t mess with Alps. They were absolutely horrendous for so long and now they can still be a threat if you mess up.
    Also they are not intended to be late-game enemies.

    I also don’t mind that Geists get shredded by whips. It was always very frustrating if your 60 resolve guy gets feared and your banner fails rally.
    3-headed flail I kinda like, at least more than a regular flail. At least they are somewhat consistent but I still rate flails the lowest tier of weapon once you start facing raiders with helmets.

    For 12-14 I don’t know what exactly the problem is with the way things are now – the rest of your suggestions I do approve.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Still need :
    1. puncture +
    surround meh rework
    2. Orc morale up.( at least warriors)
    3. Full berserkers ai rework and also their moral (berserk can’t loose morale but can up only by own kills)

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Love the game and I’m really looking forward to the next dlc. Here’s some wanted features that have been on my mind. Some of these probably have been stated already. Some mods do these things.

    1. Option to Auto Pause when enemy sighted on map.
    2. Option for pre-battle set up screen (equipping brothers, etc).
    3. Option to make battle and map movement much, much faster. Vanilla faster combat is simply not fast enough.
    4. Try Out previews a character’s entire stats and information and not just traits.
    5. Make caravan donkeys non-combatants. Just make them decoration that cannot be targeted. It’s unrealistic and unfun that bandits can suicidally prioritise a static donkey with their attacks over the caravan guards. They shouldn’t be dying to kill a donkey while there’s armed guards killing them.
    6. Any quest that tells you to search a named area like Wolf Wood should illuminate that named area’s text on the map so you can quickly see where the quest is referring to. This is more relevant with the map being made even bigger.
    7. Add a retired brothers page similar to the Obituary.
    8. Allow some customisation of the map when starting a new game; how many citadels, etc.
    9. Different font options.
    10. Option to increase the width of the combat log.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    I agree with this “1) Settings for random map generator. (size, biome cover, No of: towns, factions” completely and would add to it that we can select the amount of water, because way too many of my maps are 1/3rd or more water, which I wouldnt mind if there were so many islands I couldnt get to.

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