Reply To: New Prepare for Battle Screen (Link to Inventory)

Avatar photoBlacksteel

Yeah I agree man, a “you are fighting now” or “vs” pre-combat screen would really visually enhance the game as well. It would be a huge art opportunity if we had some nice graphics pop in from either side right before a battle. It would not be very hard to implement some simple sliding cards with images of enemies and your brothers with a big “VS” in between the cards. Game time could be paused at this screen, and buttons allowing you to adjust your loadout and possibly access some enemy information on the other side.

This would also be a very positive change with minimal negatives. I do the same thing in the game now basically, it just requires me to pause the moment before combat starts so I can adjust my loadout. It’s really doesn’t require much skill to do so, and therefore I don’t think it would even affect the games balance.

Mostly though I just want some cool art on a VS screen, good idea SirRichard.

- Blacksteel