Reply To: Capture system (google translation, i’m french)

Avatar photoShadezio

I also thought of new objects, etc …

Animal / creature eggs which will automatically give an animal / creature, but they are quite expensive, rarely drop, and will last long enough (15 days for example) before giving the animal / creature.

Arrows, vial, etc … with a poison which puts to sleep to facilitate the captures.

more animals and creature, like wolves, bears, harpy, etc …

ghosts, orcs, goblin, undead, etc … will not be able to be tamed, but apart from ghosts and undead, the rest can be captured

capture-related events, such as escape attempts, which can lead to forced combat (mainly with orcs and goblins).

creatures / animals will have a higher or lower taming percentage .. eg the spider will be easier to tame than the troll.