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    I propose a capture system that results from several interesting mechanisms.

    1) Capturing humans, and having a prisoner inventory, will allow you to trade in slaves, bounty hunters, rescue, liberation and capture missions.

    2) capture animals and creatures, its will allow to make a system of taming animals and creatures, for example:
    Capture a spider (or have it with an egg) so that it joins the team as if it were the dog.

    And the capture will be done mainly via nets, but also, with a knockout system:
    if an enemy (human or creature) has stars therefore knocked out, moreover, a capture criticism will be done if nets and knocked out (so even if the fight is not over, he is captured, and either you kill him, or you keep him alive, and of course he will not attack)

    Ps: Humans will 100% capture after battles (if the fight ends and the enemy is knocked out or in a net), but the creature or animal will have a percentage of success on taming, if it succeeds it is tamed, if he fails he will be killed.


    I support this!


    I also thought of new objects, etc …

    Animal / creature eggs which will automatically give an animal / creature, but they are quite expensive, rarely drop, and will last long enough (15 days for example) before giving the animal / creature.

    Arrows, vial, etc … with a poison which puts to sleep to facilitate the captures.

    more animals and creature, like wolves, bears, harpy, etc …

    ghosts, orcs, goblin, undead, etc … will not be able to be tamed, but apart from ghosts and undead, the rest can be captured

    capture-related events, such as escape attempts, which can lead to forced combat (mainly with orcs and goblins).

    creatures / animals will have a higher or lower taming percentage .. eg the spider will be easier to tame than the troll.

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