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After a number of battles using up to 7 cannons in a squad and battles against the southern armies, I got some thoughts.
The cannons are too powerful, especially in large numbers, even without special perks such as overvhelm or fearsome. I suggest removing the distant side hexes in the AoE attack so that the shot is at a maximum of 4 targets, not 6, in the current version the spread looks rather strange and strong. Or remove all side hexes in the AoE attack, but increase the AoE range by 1 hex.
In the Holy War, the northern factions are not at all adapted to the war against the southern ones, because they have light-medium armor, they do not always have helmets and quite little health, while a character with a halo is only a sergeant. At the same time, the southern armies are just ideal for destroying such opponents, and they themselves are more difficult to kill, since they have not much worse armor than the northerners, they always have at least something on their heads and the extremely powerful Nimble perk. The southerners have a very large number of weapons that work well against a large number of people, while the northerners have the most similar thing only the Zweikhanders, who die pretty quickly. It is also extremely strange that the AI ​​loves to shoot unbreakable Mortars.
I also propose to slightly increase the armor damage of Mortars, but also slightly reduce the health damage. In the current state, Mortars simply distribute debuffs against heavy opponents, and destroy characters with the Nimble perk, which the rest of the Southerners’ weapons can easily break through. It is also not very logical that mortars always hit the same place, if there are several of them.

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