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Might be a little late to the party, but I love the addition of location appropriate battle terrain but I was a bit sad to see that nothing like that was done for villages and towns.

I’m aware that big buildings are off limits due to engine restrictions but I don’t think big buildings would even be necessary.
Here are some ideas that I think could add a lot to the atmosphere of the game:

1.) Fighting in a wheat field with lots of high grass to hide inside

2.) Fighting in a fenced in pasture with a bit of cow dung on the ground.

3.) Fighting in a market area with food stands and various other small attractions, and a lot of cobblestone (with a bit more visual variation).

4.) Dirt roads in addition to cobble stone roads. Maybe with some street signs, or lamp posts / torches. Lamp posts could provide vision bonus during the night.

Some of the terrain that we already have, like pallisades, barrels etc. could also find its way in.

I hope terrain is something that can be revisited at some point.