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After 500+ hours of gameplay, this game is in my top 5 after 30+ years as a gamer, i hope to see more DLC´s or just something

This game is perfect for:

CO-OP with a “Home area” like you se in “Warhammer Vermintide”

2-6 ppl CO-OP Dungeon Crawler game mode.

1-3 vs 1-3 CO-OP Arena fights

2-12 ppl CO-OP Boss fights

2-12 ppl CO-OP Noble Houses like a semi “guild mode” known from ohter games

The list could go on like this

Could be made possible with a “Kick starter” playerbase i already establish

End of day this game is made for PVP/CO-OP

Could also work for andriod/Ios with sale of “skins” to finance.